Little teapot with fruit

becoming, Oil, Painting, produce, Still Life

I’ve been working on some still life’s to simplify the image so I can practice paint handling with my new paints. 

This painting was difficult for me. I like this teapot, but teapots are always hard for me. I have given up on them more than once before. I was also trying a different white and everything kept turning to mud. I don’t usually have that problem but have just switched paints so I must be adjusting.

There are things I like about this and things I don’t. I like how the catfish on the teapot came out. I like the different whites in the teapot and I almost like the lemon a bit. I’m not crazy about the composition. I should have placed the pear differently. Also because it was so hard for me to get the teapot right, I wound up painting tighter than I’d like. I want the image to be right so I can be looser with the paint. This is definitely not a painting that painted itself…

Maybe after it dries a bit, I’ll go in and restate a few of the shadows and highlights, but I might be done with this. Or maybe it’s done with me…