Drawing a skeleton today :)

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I was at the store and, due to my interest in anatomy, couldn’t resist this little semi-articulated skeleton. I’ve been looking for anatomical models and plaster casts, but I thought this could be interesting and I had a coupon.

Here’s my first drawing of the skeleton. I know there are lots of areas for improvement… and boy the oscoxa was hard! 

Plus, the model has no patella. It’s hardly anatomically accurate, but i think it’s a really good exercise 🙂

And here’s the drawing with the model…  pretty funny, huh?!

I was supposed to be painting, but this was fun!


Morning self portrait oil sketch

Art, becoming, Figure, Oil, Painting, Sketches

Self portraits can be quite amusing! I’m really enjoying having this one around. 

I did this oil sketch this morning from the mirror in my tiny studio. There was cool light coming from the open window on one side and warm light from the other. I thought that was an interesting challenge because I’m working a lot with warm and cool right now.

We think it’s funny when one of our pets has a serious expression but is obviously content. We say, “This IS my happy face.” Well, this IS my painting painting face. I’m not sad, just totally concentrating on line, stucture, tone and color. 


becoming, Sketches

So I am starting a new piece. Rather than jump right into the painting, I decided to follow my plan to do thumbnails sketches first. This will be followed by a color study and then I will work the final piece. 

I’m so glad I did this. Even just from the thumbnails I can tell the piece will be better. 

This is the first one. It is what I would have painted. 

There were a few I tossed out, but here’s the third.

And the fifth.

I was pushing myself to do six. I had planned for a 14×18 canvas, but after doing the thumbnails I thought I should try a square. 

This one is the sixth.

I may do studies for #2, 5 & 6. 

Maybe even #1. It’s not so bad, and a good reference point to go with the series. I am so excited about this. This new process has already blown my work out of the water and I haven’t even set brush to canvas. Sure there will be challenges, but the composition of these pieces is stronger, so no matter what happens with the rest of it, the pieces will be stronger too.

Plus, I won’t have to be struggling to find a subject for a while… I’ll post updates as the work comes along…