Tree in field 

becoming, Drawing, Landscape, Oil, Painting, trees

This is entirely from my imagination. Here’s my sketch

I wanted to keep this light. Kind of like the paper but I hadn’t planned my color scheme before I started painting.

At this point I like it, but it was not finished. That was more obvious in person than from the photo. I do need to step away from my work more and earlier. That’s a challenge in a studio as small as mine…

This version was too much the same tone. I worked it a lot from here. Scraped off the tree.. Did a bunch. It didn’t improve it much considering all the work I put in.

I learned a ton from this piece even though it didn’t come together that easily for me. I really should have done a color study after the sketch and had a better handle on my intended palette. I gained somethings and lost some as I finished it. 

Maybe if I do the color studies to bridge between the sketch and the final piece, I’ll be able to keep it looser and it will actually be finished. I’m excited to try a new workflow process. I definitely need to be doing more before jumping into the painting. And I think I have some ideas.

Next I’ll be working on a cooperative piece relating to animal rights with another artist I know. I’m excited to try my new workflow on the joint piece to see how it goes. Good habits go a long way! Now to clean my brushes…

Two autumn trees

becoming, Drawing, Landscape, Oil, Painting

This is the drawing I did in preparation 

After I got the canvas covered, I made some major composition changes. Here it is before the changes.

And after

I wanted more sky and a sweeping feeling. Plus, I changed the left tree to be the same type as the right one rather than a pine tree. I liked how the purply reds were playing with the yellow-greens of the foreground. I also moved the left tree forward to increase the tension and depth of the composition. It needs to dry before I can finish it, but I am pleased with the start.