Drawing a skeleton today :)

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I was at the store and, due to my interest in anatomy, couldn’t resist this little semi-articulated skeleton. I’ve been looking for anatomical models and plaster casts, but I thought this could be interesting and I had a coupon.

Here’s my first drawing of the skeleton. I know there are lots of areas for improvement… and boy the oscoxa was hard! 

Plus, the model has no patella. It’s hardly anatomically accurate, but i think it’s a really good exercise đŸ™‚

And here’s the drawing with the model…  pretty funny, huh?!

I was supposed to be painting, but this was fun!


Still Life in Pastel Class

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I’ve been taking a pastel class on Monday mornings in August. I’ve always been a mess with pastel, but I lucked into a good set. I’ve been told that using poor quality pastels was a recipe for failure, but found the entry cost of a good set prohibitive. So I let the idea go. But as a painter, there is a big disconnect between black and white drawings and moving to full color. I thought pastels could help bridge the gap.

Anyway, after acquiring the set, I thought I should enroll in a few classes to get started. The instructor, Chris Seubert, is very nice and understands my goals. 

I’m still getting used to the material, but I was finally able to get it to create some form this week. We had small white still life set up and we’re working warm and cool variations along with value.

The set up was a cast of the lips of David, an egg and an upside down bowl. There was also a pitcher, but I left it out for the composition and to save time since this was a class exercise.

Here it is still taped to the board.
Next week is my last class. I’m planning on doing a color copy of a portrait or figure to practice color manipulation.

Two autumn trees

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This is the drawing I did in preparation 

After I got the canvas covered, I made some major composition changes. Here it is before the changes.

And after

I wanted more sky and a sweeping feeling. Plus, I changed the left tree to be the same type as the right one rather than a pine tree. I liked how the purply reds were playing with the yellow-greens of the foreground. I also moved the left tree forward to increase the tension and depth of the composition. It needs to dry before I can finish it, but I am pleased with the start.