Morning self portrait oil sketch


Self portraits can be quite amusing! I’m really enjoying having this one around. 

I did this oil sketch this morning from the mirror in my tiny studio. There was cool light coming from the open window on one side and warm light from the other. I thought that was an interesting challenge because I’m working a lot with warm and cool right now.

We think it’s funny when one of our pets has a serious expression but is obviously content. We say, “This IS my happy face.” Well, this IS my painting painting face. I’m not sad, just totally concentrating on line, stucture, tone and color. 

New figure painting 


This is based on the palette we’ve been exploring in the class I’m taking at the Art Student’s League. I’m going to be starting a series based on this concept. This piece isn’t yet finished but I’m going to start some others and then finish them as a group.

Landscaping today


I decided to do a monochromatic oil painting on gessoed watercolor paper taper to foam core for a couple of reasons. First off, it’s very light and portable. Also my teacher mentioned that I might prefer a less bumpy surface than cotton canvas. I chose monochrome because I’ve enjoyed my work in grisaille. I feel it has challenged me to focus on drawing skills, tone, space and form. With all that to learn to control, I’m pulling back a bit on the color for a bit. 

The group met at a water park near a dam and a bridge on the creek. We selected the view of the bridge. Here is my work.



Homework this week: copy an old master drawing… my choice was Lucretia by Raphael (1508-1510) I used red chalk on cream paper. Probably should have done this bigger but it was a really good exercise.