Landscaping with the ladies


I went out plein air-ing with some women I know this morning. We had a lovely time with excellent weather. Genuinely a magical day. 

I brought my drawing materials. This is what I got.

First view:
Second view:
Third view: not finished




Homework this week: copy an old master drawing… my choice was Lucretia by Raphael (1508-1510) I used red chalk on cream paper. Probably should have done this bigger but it was a really good exercise.

Homework 2


In class, we’ve been working with closed grisaille. This is my second piece using that technique that I’ve done for practice at home. 

This is my summary of the steps.

Step 1. Draw in white chalk

Step 2. Trace chalk with paint and add shadow

Step 3. Retrace drawing in chalk

Step 4. Darkest dark, lightest light. Then work from dark to light.

When I was done I put down a neutral background…

I’ve been busy!


I’ve been taking a class at the Art Students League. In addition to that I’ve been continuing my own work at home. Here’s a sampling of what I’ve completed since my last post.

This one was weird and I scraped it off the canvas after I photographed it. I didn’t like the composition and that really matters to me…

This was a 3 hour pose from class. It’s really not finished but I’m going to just let it be. I like it.

This was my first home work from class. I like the composition. It may be worth glazing color onto this one eventually.

This is one I’ve been working on for a while. I think it’s almost done!

A quick little drawing which I quite like đŸ™‚