April painting – update


This month, my drawing group got back together for 3 Saturday sessions with the same three hour pose each week. There was just enough interest for it to fly, which amazes me because it is only $20/session. That’s such a good price because there is no instructor fee. 

I brought a really big canvas because… live model… 9 hours… I don’t want to be constricted with a small canvas. Plus, I’d had a 24×36 tucked away for several years. I couldn’t use it in my small studio. I couldn’t get far enough away to see it. It seemed to be the right proportion for a figure, so I thought I’d try it.

This is what I got from the first session.

The second session it was important to correct some of the figure imbalances and focus on coverage. Coverage was huge for me this session. By the end, I was working hard enough that my heart was pumping. I haven’t worked this large for a long time.

By the end of the second session, this is where I am.

These are the issues I’m thinking about for the final session on Saturday: 

Mostly it’s the background. (But the figure isn’t complete either.)

The upper portion is too dead. I think I need to find a way to incorporate some green reflected light from the stool cloth.

The shadow of the model on the right side is too dark, but I like that it causes her left leg in shadow to come forward. I think it needs to be lighter though.

I feel that the entire background is too close in tone to her flesh. I may want to change the key. Up or down? I can see the rationale for either.

Also I think I want to cool down the color either way. That should help the background recede. I’m using a warm/cool purple/yellow palette…

I’d really like to finish it on Saturday since that’s our last session. It will help maximize time to have a plan. I’d appreciate any feedback on these issues.

This is what I wound up with. There wasn’t enough time to do much to the figure after dealing with the background issues. I sincerely appreciate the feedback as it helped confirm what I was thinking.


One thought on “April painting – update

  1. I’d lose some of the shadow to the right of the body to give some counterchange against the shadowed area of the body. I like some of the lost and found edges like the curve of the back slippinng into the background. Also the model’s shadow is a bit too distracting for my taste.

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