Red trees at creek 

becoming, biology, Landscape, Oil, Painting, trees


My doggie muse

becoming, Dogs, Figure, Oil, Painting

I haven’t been able to paint for several weeks. I have been going to the life drawing sessions though. I wanted to start another painting of trees but also knew I just had to paint something simple to get myself going again. 

Here’s what I came up with; Miles again! He’s so much fun to paint. I want to keep it fresh, so it’s pretty much done.

I’m calling it Ennui. Just look at the face!

One yellow tree

becoming, biology, Landscape, Oil, Painting, trees

I’ve decided to explore trees in my paintings. I am excited about the idea of portraits of trees. 

Trees are important to me. They are important to us all, really. But as a biology teacher, I did a School Woodland Ecosystem Study Project Fellowship with the Cary Institute. That project permanently changed the way I view my trees. I already knew a lot about trees and their interactions with the environment, but I learned much more about different species of trees and their specific contributions to an ecosystem. I have even gotten fairly good at identifying trees without leaves from their bark alone. It’s no surprise really that this would find a way into my art. 

Trees are like people in that they reflect their environment. That are molded by it like we are. They survive hardships like we do. That portrait of a tree appeals to me for this reason.