becoming, yoga


This is the actual fortune I just got in my cookie. This is related to becoming one’s truest self. There are no dress rehersals for life.

It’s funny how these things happen when you are thinking about them… Do we, by thinking about things, call them into our life, or mearly notice what is already there?

come into existence


become \bi-‘kəm\ vb -came\bi-‘kām\ ; – come; -coming [ME, to come to, become fr. OE becuman, fr. be- + cuman to come] vi (bef. 12c)  1  a :  to come into existence  b : to come to be <͠sick>  2 :  to undergo change or development  ͠  vt : to suit or be suitable to < seriousness becoming the occasion> <her clothes  ͠   her> — become of : to happen to